Antheraea  polyphemus

South Carolina Moths Searchable Checklist


This checklist is derived from a large database containing records from a number of museums, private collections, online reports, research papers, and other sources. It is intended to show our current knowledge of the moth species that have been found in South Carolina, including county and date of collection or observation. With this information, one can begin to discover a species' current and historical distribution within the state. One can also determine when a species is likely to be "on the wing" as an adult in the state. Caution: Sources of information shown here do vary in the accuracy of their contents. Identification of species is assumed to be correct but it is possible that some may be in error. If you see an obviously incorrect identification, notify me. This database currently includes 22,287 records for 2,094 species (last updated on September 16, 2021).

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Checklist compiled and maintained by John Snyder in the Department of Biology, Furman University